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About us Bosque de Olivos

Bosque de Olivos, organic extra virgin olive oil from early harvest Picual olives picked in early November.

We are a family-owned company that produces filtered and unfiltered organic EVOO. Our century-old olive groves, located in the district of La Loma by the River Guadalimar, thrive 800m above sea level on the rolling hills of Sabiote, Jaén.

Every year at the beginning of November (early harvest), we select and harvest the finest Picual olives from our own trees on the “El Charquillo” estate, owned by our family since 1879, and press them to obtain our artisanal oil.

In 2009 we began to switch from conventional to organic farming methods, because we believe in the importance of a more rational, sustainable approach to agriculture. These all-natural methods preserve the environment, but they also allow us to recover the authentic taste, aroma and colour that have made olive oil a prized delicacy for centuries.

Oils of the highest quality

At Bosque de Olivos, we’ve always striven to offer olive oil of the highest quality, which is why we practice and promote organic agriculture and respect for the environment. As we do not use any synthetic chemicals, our oil is incredibly healthy and free of contaminants.

Aceite llevado a su máxima calidad

The result is an organic extra virgin olive oil obtained by cold-pressing (at 22º–24ºC) early harvest Picual olives, picked at the perfect stage of ripeness. Our fruity, well-balanced oil has an intense green colour with the subtle aroma of freshly-cut grass and is rich in natural antioxidants.

As we only distribute the exceptional oil produced on our own estate, each harvest yields a limited-edition product. Strolling among our olive trees gives us a sense of peace and harmony, making us feel both grateful and responsible for its care and good health.

We aim to share our oil at reasonable prices so consumers can savour its quality and freshness.