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Our delicious organic extra virgin olive oil. 100% Picual

Our fruity, well-balanced oil has an intense green colour with subtle aromas of freshly-cut grass and olive shoots. It has a light, medium-intensity mouthfeel with a slightly bitter, peppery aftertaste.

Our monovarietal oil is 100% Picual. This olive variety has more health benefits than most, thanks to its high antioxidant content. Picual olive oil noticeably improves the taste of cooked dishes, retaining its properties even when exposed to heat. But to truly appreciate its authentic flavour, there’s nothing better than oil straight from the bottle, drizzled on toast or over a fresh salad.

Early harvest olive oil

At Bosque de Olivos, the harvest begins in early November. The branches are picked clean when the fruit is in veraison (changing colour from green to purple). Olives harvested at this stage yield less oil but are much more aromatic, so we’re willing to sacrifice quantity for quantity.

Nuestro delicioso aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico Bosque de Olivos. Lo enviamos a casa. Somos productores. Consulta nuestros productos. Tienda online

The majority of commercial olives are picked from the trees or collected off the ground between December and March. They yield a greater amount of oil, but they also have higher acidity and the oil they produce is therefore of inferior quality.

We do not use intensive harvesting machinery (trunk shakers with inverted umbrellas), as we believe that aggressive shaking can damage the tree roots.

Instead, we use a semi-automated collection system. The olives are harvested by the same people year after year, using a combination of long poles and mechanical shakers that do not harm the trees.

In this way, we maintain traditional methods that date back to classical antiquity while also providing employment opportunities in rural Andalusia.

Production and conservation

The milling stage is one of the most important parts of the production process. The fruit is taken to the press and milled the same day it is harvested. We never pick more olives than can be milled that day.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil is an unfiltered, cold-pressed oil. Our static decanting process does not use centrifugation, instead letting the oil settle naturally in an inert atmosphere.

This method yields a premium product: organic extra virgin olive oil with less than 0.3% original acidity, an intense green colour and a very distinctive taste and smell that retains all the antioxidant properties, aroma and flavour of our delicious olives.

The oil is stored in stainless steel tanks under controlled lighting and temperature conditions. This is where the decanting process occurs, removing any impurities the oil may contain.

When dealing with premium-quality olive oil, it’s also important to choose the right container. We are not partial to plastic (PET) containers, as this material destabilizes the oil and leaches toxic compounds like Bisphenol A or BDA (very harmful to human health and already banned in several European countries).

Instead, we use tin and glass containers

Nuestro delicioso aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico Bosque de Olivos. Lo enviamos a casa. Somos productores. Consulta nuestros productos. Tienda online

Tin is ideal for preserving the oil’s nutritional and biological properties. Our tins are solid, high-quality containers with reinforced corners to prevent warping or denting. They are also fitted with a small vent-hole cap that relieves pressure inside the tin, making it easier to pour. Inside, the tins are coated with an inert, BDA-free varnish.

As olive oil is particularly sensitive to the effects of direct light, we recommend storing it somewhere dark and cool (20ºC).

Our oil is bottled unfiltered, so a dark layer of olive pulp particles may settle at the bottom of the bottle.