2 liters PET bottle organic extra virgin olive oil

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2 liters PET bottle organic extra virgin olive oil

2 liter PET bottle of high-quality, limited-edition organic extra virgin olive oil, obtained solely from early harvest Picual olives, unfiltered, cold-pressed and subjected to static natural decanting in an inert atmosphere without centrifugation.

2 liters PET bottle extra virgin olive oil.

Sizes: 285 (high) x 105 (diameter) mm.

Weight: 1.85 kg.

The PET bottle offers the same organic olive oil as the tin can, but it is packaged in a dark PET plastic bottle to preserve the oil and protect it from sunlight. This packaging allows you to enjoy our Picual extra virgin olive oil at a more economical price.

Format designed to transport our organic olive oil safely and easily. The perfect choice for travelers on the go.

We are a family-owned company that produces filtered and unfiltered organic EVOO. Our century-old olive groves, located in the district of La Loma by the River Guadalimar, thrive 800 m. above sea level on the rolling hills of Sabiote, Jaén.

Home-grown quality

Every year at the beginning of November (early harvest), we select and harvest the finest Picual olives from our trees on the “El Charquillo” estate, owned by our family since 1879, and press them to obtain our artisanal oil. As we only distribute the exceptional oil produced on our property, each harvest yields a limited-edition product. Strolling among our olive trees gives us a sense of peace and harmony, making us feel both grateful and responsible for its care and good health. We aim to share our oil at reasonable prices, so consumers can savor its quality and freshness. Our approach to agriculture aims to make our fields a thriving “olive forest” (Bosque de Olivos in Spanish), a balanced agrosystem that respects the rhythms of nature. We implemented this system only a few years ago, but we’re already starting to see results. It’s encouraging to see that our olive groves are attracting a growing number of new residents: owls, foxes, badgers, hares, robins and more. The presence of these wild animals, natural allies and sentinels of our fields, is highly beneficial.

Organic certification by CAAE

Our organic cultivation methods are controlled and certified by CAAE, which means we do not use herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals that might harm the environment. All our fertilizers are also organic (sheep manure, worm castings and mulched branches). The result is fertile, well-balanced soil that keeps the trees free of disease and blight. Sellos ECO, CAAE y USDA. Agricultura ecológica en Bosque de Olivos. Cultivamos nuestros olivos preservando y mejorando la biodiversidad. Aceite de oliva ecológico de gran calidad.

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Weight 1,85 kg
Dimensions 105 × 105 × 285 cm