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The Picual olives in Bosque de Olivos organic EVOO

The favourite of fine oil connoisseurs

The name Picual comes from the Spanish word pico (point), in reference to the pointy elliptical shape of this olive, which turns black when ripe. It has a pulp/stone ratio of around 5.6. Picual olives ripen between the second week of November and the third week of December. The oil yield is quite good and can be as high as 26%.

Picual trees are very vigorous and have rather short, substantially ramified branches. Their crowns are robust and tend to turn inwards. This tree can thrive in a variety of climate and soil conditions and tolerates frost well, but it is not very drought-resistant.

Picual olive oil is renowned for its nutritional and healing properties. It is also the most stable oil in the world thanks to its excellent fatty acid composition and high levels of monounsaturated oleic acid (which plays an important role in preventing cardiovascular disease), natural antioxidants, vitamin E and polyphenols.

Fatty acid composition

  • Linoleic 5.80% 5.80%
  • Oleic 77.34% 77.34%
  • Stearic 3.26% 3.26%
  • Palmitoleic 1.40% 1.40%
  • Palmitic 12.20% 12.20%

When properly harvested and processed, Picual oil has a surprisingly rich, harmonious blend of aromas.

In fact, it’s the favourite variety of fine oil connoisseurs.

Full-bodied yet light in the mouth, with a perfect balance of peppery zest and bitterness and fruity notes—these are sensations you’ll only experience with a good Picual oil.